By Mies Hora

Significon is a place for designers, enthusiasts and the curious public to come to review important and interesting happenings in the world of non-verbal communications.  We target, look at, and discuss symbols, signs, icons and just about any effective (and sometimes ineffective) means of transmitting information via our essential gifts – eyesight and our other amazing senses, including common sense!

This is a no-holds barred site where we shall look deep into the underlying methodologies and methods employed by professionals, novices, and even folk artists as we all attempt to provide direction, guidance, enlightenment and understanding in the dizzyingly complex world of the 21st Century.  Comments are welcome and we hope you enjoy!

If you would like to contribute an interesting article or display an unusual / relevant graphic, please send the material to significon.info[at]gmail.com (fill-in the @ sign) and your contribution will be considered.  Thank you.


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